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  1. Mapkit - load pin from mssql or mysql
  2. MLB At Bat 2012 has just hit the App Store
  3. Developer Needed
  4. applications crashing on iphone
  5. Need help to Store Cookie in iPhone LocalStorage
  6. Latin To Go
  7. Iphone 4 Unclock
  8. Twitter brings back much wanted features in new update
  9. Skype update brings new interface and improvements
  10. App “angry king kong” new version will be free on feb, 23
  11. Tweak development? Tips, advice! What is a header: SBStatusBarDataManager;
  12. I am not in U.S and Pandora still works for me how ?
  13. EA is having a huge President’s day sale
  14. Iphone Games
  15. New product need to hire somene to write a app
  16. (Spain) iPhone developer wanted
  17. [GAME] CS Portable for iOS [3D, Online, +iPad]
  18. Instagram gets updated, brings a couple new cool features
  19. Tweetbot version 2.0 has just rolled out!
  20. New Vonage app promises lower prices than Skype
  21. Development for Jailbroken iOS 5.0.1 without dev certificate. How?
  22. [Review] Booksstand - Move your iBooks into the Newsstand icon
  23. iblackjack counter By Wael Company
  24. Evi system integration
  25. Looking for a developer for a boardgame app (picture included)
  26. Crystal War: BloodField (iOS) - RTS+ Online Multiplayer Castle Defense is on SALE!!
  27. help change color of status bar for ios 5.0.1
  28. SBCallAlert alternative in iOS 5
  29. lookdown pro lie application for iOS5.0.1????
  30. Evi: Siri for the rest of us
  31. Photo Booth gets ported to iPhone 4S
  32. Language and/or localization file?
  33. Sprite Master
  34. iGlasses (iOS): Virtually Wear Hundreds of Glasses for FREE!!
  35. Fantasy Defense (Universal): RPG-based Tower Defense Game is NOW FREE!!!
  36. Securing the app encryption key
  37. Control iPhone from a computer running Windows 7?
  38. UITableView - saving scroll position before reloadData
  39. Majesykapps featured iTraxs iPhone app
  40. Android Phase Beam Live Wallpaper for ios
  41. SIRI (clone) for older device
  42. Display wordpress article?
  43. Toss the Coin into the Glass of Beer?
  44. is there anyone who can develop a SIP client for apple & android?
  45. Syncing two calendars on the iPhone
  46. I have a great app idea...
  47. startUpdatingLocation function not working
  48. Incoming and outgoing 2way call recording application?
  49. Real time voice changer application while in call
  50. Looking for developers to help in free and opensource project
  51. Free during Xmas – Angry King Kong
  52. Why no Wordpay type games?
  53. F/S..BlackBerry Bold 9700--$200....([email protected])
  54. Looking for members to form an app development LLC start-up.
  55. Space Frontier for iOS ($3.99 -> $.99): Play SimCity in Space is now on Sale!
  56. iOS enterprise development program - does my App need to pass Apple verification?
  57. Multitouch Support in remote access of iphone device
  58. system() calls from within an App
  59. Getting feedback from your app users
  60. Fantasy Defense ($2.99 -$.99) : Fantastic RPG-based Defense Game is on SALE!
  61. Display Recorder On Ios 5 Problem With Idemo!
  62. custom EAP for 802.1X (Radius)
  63. Feedback needed for giveaway contest idea
  64. Take a pic on unlock screen
  65. Checkout MadCap for iOS, 108 Amazing levels and more to come.
  66. Artwork issues with app
  67. Being able to listen to music on my wireless earpiece
  68. Writing editorial article for iCoder magazine
  69. Strange spaces in webpage on iPad Safari
  70. Have A Cool Mobile App and Need Marketing and Development Support. Join the Alliance!
  71. check roaming
  72. Gogo Sushi (iOS): Run your own Sushi Bar and is now 50% OFF!!!
  73. google places app for iphone
  74. Ever wanted to play a fun musical game on your iPad/iPhone/iPod?
  75. AppTrailers! Earn free money in easy :) From Appstore!
  76. Cartoon Spread (iOS) - a Social Cartoon Messenger is now FREE!!
  77. [New App] eBuddy XMS: free real-time messaging application for smartphones
  78. Root Explorer app for iOS?
  79. Routers???
  80. Translate your app into Spanish and increases its distribution!
  81. sending data to soap via post method
  82. Halloween Hunter' is finally available on the App Store
  83. I have an app idea...
  84. Q Pang (iOS): 4.5 Stars @ 520 Ratings: Highly-rated Addicting shooter for FREE!!
  85. Bricked iphone 4 4.3.5
  86. [APP] CherryNotes v1.4
  87. Converting PDF into ebooks in iPhone_need help
  88. Occupy Wall Street needs you help developing an app
  89. i built an app need some one to post it to app store
  90. Block / Blacklist
  91. Ever wish you could sit down and play a favorite tune? Come and play Piano Hero!
  92. Filenet IDM Viewer
  93. Path of Wisdom: Buddha
  94. Location based apps
  95. Album Art for iPod
  96. Can app check location while idle?
  97. Issues installing App from Cydia
  98. Do you know any anti-thief app for iPhone?
  99. Impressed by Dolphin on iPhone 4
  100. photo on incoming sms notification
  101. GPS Locator Apps
  102. Sdk?
  103. different sms appearance app?
  104. How can I find lost Iphone ??
  105. video player start time
  106. can someone port minebuilder to ios
  107. Whoa! Earth FX!!!
  108. 3D Pacman clone "Paco Mania" v1.1 (iPhone, iPAD, iPOD, iTouch) is officially out
  109. "Run, Run, Chicken" v1.1 for iPAD is now available for download
  110. problem with sqlite db and splitview
  111. Space is Key. Simple concept, but can you do it?
  112. DRiM - Develop Remotely for iPhone on Mac
  113. One Touch Task Killer I used to have???? HELP!!
  114. In Case of a Car Accident – Download the Free Michigan Lawyer iPhone App
  115. SMS forwarding via Bluetooth
  116. Bluetooth headset as Walkie Talkie
  117. Listing discoverable devices
  118. Starting develop Cidya Apps ?
  119. SpeedUpTV (iPhone): Perfect for Athletes and Foreign Language Students
  120. FREE new video app "Flixlab"—AUTOMATIC video creation,editing, and sharing in SECONDS
  121. Help constructing an app
  122. GPS Proxy for iPhone possible?
  123. Audio to Blue Tooth
  124. infinite dock on ios4.3.3
  125. Wifi hack app - does it really work?
  126. [OFFICAL] 3rd-Party App of the Week
  127. Recognizeme biometric facial recognition unlock!(:
  128. facetime like apps
  129. How to connect with Private Network via 3G, custom DNS, http proxy, Wins?
  130. iPhone 4 iOS 4.3.3 Call Recorder
  131. Is there a app or 3rd party app for iphone to enable NFC(near field communication)?
  132. PdaNet or MyWi?
  133. Custom prefox for international app
  134. infinitedock is not working on iOS 4.3.2
  135. how iBlacklist work?
  136. how to install non appstore apps on ipad?
  137. Application Decompiling
  138. What app is this?
  139. Clean and repair cydia installed app
  140. Creating a window in a mobile substrate plugin
  141. Awesome interactive game book for kids! Very Funny!!! FREE for iPhone!!!
  142. angry birds on first gen iphone
  143. iphone pokemon game patch
  144. Re: Sharing Links vis sms
  145. Fetching data from websitepage, saving it to an Array
  146. iPhone/iPod Touch Dock Connector development
  147. Are these apps on iOS?
  148. RetinaPad on iOS 4.3.1?
  149. Is there an app that allows you to control frequency band?
  150. Need Some Serious Developers
  151. Caller ID apps?
  152. Cleaner and iOS 4.2.1
  153. GBC ADX sound problems
  154. red flashing bar on top of screen
  155. DroidWall for Iphone -> Limit a certain application to Wifi only and not 3G
  156. .plist structure read and write
  157. [App] User Profiles for iPad: User Switching and Account Support for iOS
  158. Developing a flash-enabled remote-browser app
  159. Website drop down problem
  160. SMS Synchro PC ?
  161. iphone development requirements
  162. simultanious voice and daa on verizon? is there an app for this?
  163. [APP] TraceYou
  164. Bodyfate for iPhone on sale for limited time!
  165. How to view java web sites in Android mobile
  166. Sounds Profiles App?
  167. BodyFate for iPhone on Sale!
  168. App that could read/write USB flash drives?
  169. Puzzle me for iPhone! Check it out now.
  170. iOS 4: Have Wifi turn off with screen
  171. GreenpOisen Lets you Jailbreak IOS 4.2.1
  172. How to start dev an app in Windows 7 machine
  173. Alternate text/sms app?
  174. Seeking iphone developers for freelance
  175. Looking for a command
  176. BCM 4329 FM radio / FM transmitter at iphone 4
  177. Lets Build our own custom IPSW
  178. What is the process for getting Intellectual Property Rights for an iPhone App ?
  179. Best Way To Design iOS Icons
  180. Recording and the red flashing bar
  181. TV Tube Sleep
  182. developer's fees
  183. "FAKE" Icons app in Cydia
  184. Repo library !!
  185. What I Need To Use Adobe AIR To Develop For iPad?
  186. Android pull down notification bar
  187. Android lock-screen
  188. Show caller ID only to Contacts?
  189. Mobile Game Engine SIO2 version 2.x is now available at sio2interactive.com!
  190. Synch Apps for Iphone4
  191. verse perfect for iphone.
  192. unlimvideos/i4iphones help
  193. Make iPhone act as an NMEA GPS receiver (for wifi iPad or other wifi only tabs)
  194. seperate subforum for web app?
  195. Celest???
  196. Flach cs5 + iPhone = slow?
  197. Safari... or...
  198. Onscreen Video recorder
  199. manual camera controls
  200. DOS-Emulator for the iPhone: Play Solitaire on Windows 3.1
  201. Hardware accelerated video player
  202. One for the XDA members perhaps?
  203. Programming for the IPhone
  204. App suggestions (cool things that the iStore won't let you have)
  205. Internet Sharing?
  206. FlashLight v1.1 - Multi-lamp (made in flash)
  207. What apps do you have?