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Thread: Why A Graphite Colored iPhone 5S Is Unlikely

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    Why A Graphite Colored iPhone 5S Is Unlikely

    Earlier this morning, Sonny Dickson released a number of leaked photos of what he claims is a fourth iPhone 5S color. Apparently, other than the controversial gold/champagne color, Apple also plans to release the iPhone 5S in a grey or graphite color.

    Considering that this the first time we’ve heard of a fourth color for the iPhone 5S, we have to admit that we’re a bit skeptical. There have been multiple leaks of the rumored gold iPhone while a grey color has never even been mentioned. If there truly was a fourth color, it most likely would have already leaked somewhere.

    There are several different explanations for what the device in the leaked photo can be. Mark Gurman of 9to5Mac explains:
    “First, this type of photo is very easy to fake, either in Photoshop or by overlaying readily-available black glass on a white iPhone. Second, it could be a genuine Apple prototype from a stage at which Apple was trying out other colors. Third, it could be a quality-control failure. Finally, and most likely of all, it could be a counterfeit. Counterfeit iPhones have been around in China for years (hell, there are even counterfeit Apple stores), some of which attempt to be close replicas and some of which use different colors. It’s a near-certainty that there are already knock-offs in existence based on the 5S.

    Even lighting and angle can create this kind of illusion. The photo below is simply a standard white iPhone 5S which appears very similar in appearance to the claimed graphite 5S without any alteration”
    Now we’re not saying that a fourth graphite iPhone 5S is impossible, it’s just unlikely. Nonetheless, I guess we’ll have to wait until September 10th to finally see the real deal.
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    I'm not an iPhone or samsung user, but for what it's worth, I prefer the white and graphite version.

    I can't decide whether it's a good or bad reflection, but the performance of the phone no longer matters, only how it looks.


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    The gold iPhone 5S has been quite popular, it looks cool! Manufacturers has designed some gadgets to match this popular stuff. This Chinese-produced gold external battery looks like a perfect match! 61Z1OcW7BxL._SL1500_.jpg

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