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Thread: Apple is granted multi-sensor patent for camera

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    Apple is granted multi-sensor patent for camera

    People who own iPhones are often times a fan of mobile photography, the iPhone camera over the last half decade has been a benchmark of mobile cameras. Yeah I can hear you already, there are better cameras on phones and there are worse. But the iPhone has always provided users with a solid experience, hands down.

    On Tuesday Apple was granted a patent which combines three sensors in order to improve those snapshots.
    The patent approved by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office entitled "image capture using luminance and chromatic sensors," is described simply as a digital camera with the assistance of two color sensors and one light sensor.

    The patent abstract reads:
    "One embodiment may take the form of an image sensing device that includes a first image sensor for capturing a luminance image, a second image sensor for capturing a first chrominance, and a third image sensor for capturing a second chrominance image.
    The image sensing device may further include an image processing module for combining the luminance image captured by the first image sensor, the first chrominance image captured by the second image sensor, and the second chrominance image captured by the third image sensor, to form a composite image."

    Another popular handset that uses this technology is the, awesome, HTC One and its UltraPixel camera technology, which uses multiple sensors to improve the mobile photography experience. This isn't Apple's first photography related patent (no surprise there) they have patents on the following features as well; dual-sensor tech, social flash technology, and anti-blur methods.

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    Apple is now slightly increasing the ways to enhance the user-experience. Apple is part of a trend among smartphone and tablet manufacturers adopting multi-image sensors for greater mobile photography.


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