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Thread: Design Your Own Version Of iOS 7 With Fun New Tool

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    Design Your Own Version Of iOS 7 With Fun New Tool

    There seems to be no middle ground for Apple’s latest iOS 7 software – you either love it or you hate it. Personally, I have to say that I’ve definitely enjoyed the new look so far. The software had largely remained the same for years before iOS 7, so the new look is quite refreshing to say the least.

    However, not everyone may agree with my view on the new face of iOS 7. And for those of you who think you can do a better job at designing Apple’s beloved mobile platform, an amusing new tool by Usvsth3m may be something worth checking out. The fun tool lets you customize and create your own iOS 7 by allowing you to change icons, fonts, color schemes, corners, and more. Check it out here.

    The tool’s hilarious tagline: “Every bloody designer on the planet has had a go, so you might as well try too”.

    What do you think about iOS 7 so far? Is the new look better than what we had gotten so used to?
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    New calendar on iOS 7 is so annoying and many of the new features and designs in iOS 7 is very hard to change. 50 percent new users are really upset with the update.


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