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Thread: iWork for iCloud

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    iWork for iCloud

    iWork for iCloud is a new feature introduced today at WWDC 2013. iWork for iCloud is designed to team up with IWork Suite but is completely browser based. iWork will be compatible with obviously Safari but will also be available for other browsers like Internet Explorer and Chrome. During the keynote presentation Chrome was one of the browsers used as an example.

    iWork was canned a while back but now the concept is a reality for developers in beta. This seems to be a lot like what Google offers with Google Drive. You can edit documents, spreadsheets and other styles of iWork suite capabilities, including 3D animations.

    We got more coverage on WWDC right around the corner. Stay tuned! So far what do you think?
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    Now, Apple has temporarily disabled access to the online suite for new users, due to strong performance.


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