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Thread: New Concept Adds Actions To iOS Notification Center

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    New Concept Adds Actions To iOS Notification Center

    A new concept developed by Shaik Imaduddin adds useful little action buttons to the iOS Notification Center. Rather than just tapping on a notification to take you to the app, Imaduddin proposes a more productive approach. His new concept allows a user to swipe on each notification, revealing actions that can be used. Take a look:

    So if you miss a message or call, instead of just tapping on a notification to take you to the app, you can directly choose which action you want to do right from the Notification Center. It makes the whole process much faster and smoother.

    What do you think? We’ve seen a number of concepts over the past few months but this one actually seems like something that could be useful to the average user. Your thoughts?
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