Even though the iPhone 5S was released just a little over a month ago, the rumor mill continues forward with what the next-generation iPhone may look like. The latest word around the iOS community is that Apple may be looking into creating a larger iPhone with a display size around the 5-inch mark.

Concept designers are already creating mockups of what they think this larger displayed iPhone will look like. Martin Hajek recently released some amazing golden iPhone 6 mockups, sporting an edge-to-edge 4.8-inch display. Head inside to check them out:

Personally, I love the way the concept looks. Gold isnít really my cup of tea, but color aside, the actual design of the phone looks fantastic. However, the mockup doesnít include Appleís new Touch ID feature, which will most definitely be implemented in the future iPhones to come.

Nonetheless, Iím sold on the larger edge-to-edge display. After getting to play with many different Android phones with larger screens, I would definitely be convinced of a larger display on my next iPhone.

What do you think? Would you buy the next iPhone if it looked like this? Are you a fan of the larger display?