Apple has been working hard over the past couple of years to distance itself from its rival company Samsung. What was once a beneficial and happy relationship between the two has turned into a nasty, lawsuit-filled situation. Unfortunately for Apple, it now may be forced to look back at its Korean foe for help out of a production problem.

Apple has signed LG Display and Sharp as display suppliers for the new iPad Mini. However, a new report from Nikkei claims that both suppliers have had tons of trouble mass-producing the high-resolution display panels, forcing Apple to turn to Samsung as its last resort.

Nikkei reports (via CNET):

“Currently, LG Display and Sharp are both stipulated as display suppliers for the new iPad Mini. Problem is, LGD is the only one having any success at achieving production, according to a DisplaySearch Japan analyst cited in a Nikkei report. But even LGD is not faring that well at the moment. The report characterizes production at LGD as “not close to full production.”

As a result, Apple is now turning to Samsung. But that erstwhile supplier to Apple will not be ready to deliver any kind of volume until well into next year, according to the report.”

We’ve previously heard that the iPad Mini with Retina Display would be limited in supply at launch, but we now have understanding why. These production problems may definitely put a roadblock in Apple’s plans of independence from Samsung.

While the iPad Air goes on sale today, the iPad Mini 2 is just slated for a launch "sometime in November.”