WhatsApp is a cross-platform messenging application built to make communicating between devices simpler. It has stiff competition, such as Viber, Skype, Google Hangouts, Kik, and BBM. Even with these hurdles to jump WhatsApp has been standing strong. There is yet to be an official iOS 7 version of the application though. Today two week old images from one of WhatsApp beta testers have surfaced on the world wide web. Keep reading to check out the screenshots inside.

WhatsApp iOS 7 redesign (screenshot 005)WhatsApp iOS 7 redesign (screenshot 006)

The creator of the application tweeted that finished product will be coming soon, and for some, that should be exciting news. In its last update it recieved the ability to send longer video clips and unlimited voice messaging.

Unlike the myriad of free cross-platform messengers WhatsApp decided to dig itself a hole and charge $0.99 a year. Now I realize this isn't expensive at all, but in my opinion the developer decided to do this to pay some of his bill and make a little extra cash before he was completely out-classed by names like Google and BlackBerry.

iMessage already integrates SMS into its application, and according to the screenies below we can expect Google to do the same. The only thing that these third-party devs have going for them is a lack of brand loyalty. But with email being the ultimate cross-platform messenger, and email applications only becoming more and more like a messenger application, I don't see a long future for the third party apps like Kik, Viber, and WhatsApp. I think they'll be a passing fad in a couple years.