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Thread: Yahoo Mail gets modernized, now with 1TB of free storage

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    Yahoo Mail gets modernized, now with 1TB of free storage

    Yahoo Mail, the once industry leader, has gone through many changes recently. It was only months ago that they revamped the Yahoo Mail app for iOS, giving it a iOS 7 feel and lots of a shade of purple. Today Yahoo Mail has undergone yet another change, and for the first time in a long while it looks like a positive one. Not only have they begun letting their users have one terabyte of data storage but it has also received a much needed makeover.

    I posted about the last update not too long ago, and I was pretty open about my distaste for the look and feel. It was all "purpley" and over simplified looking. Imagine a 9 year old girl who knew how to develope apps created it. Well they've fixed it, now it looks a little more professional in appearance, the only thing they've maintained over the last version is the flattened iOS 7 friendly user interface.

    The user interface is also theme ready, allowing users to pull from their free terabyte Flickr accounts. I'm unsure at this point if that terabyte is shared between Yahoo Mail and Yahoo's photography network Flickr. Google unified their free cloud service so users received 15 GB between all of Google's products.

    Let us know in the comments below what you think of the update. Also be sure to check out the promo video from Yahoo.

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    Sounds great, but I don't need a email have so big storage.

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