I am a new user with jailbreaking, but am moving to using SSH for theming my phone because of the customization.

I have gotten a grasp on the basics, such as editing themes, and sounds and backgrounds, but am looking for anyone who has more information on how to change other parts of the phone, such as the slide to unlock bar, and the battery icon on the lockscreen using SSH.

Hoping to be directed to the files on the phone using FuGu, as I cannot figure out the location of the original files, and I am also interested to know how to get pictures to animate, such as the lockscreen battery icon, as I recently had a theme based on Portal the game that had the icon split in half between two portals, but still registered how much charge had built up.

I have an iPhone 4, but recently broke into my iPod Touch 2g 4.2.1, and need more information on how to change more parts of them.

Thanks for any info!