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Thread: [TUT] Change themes with Winterboard on jailbroken device

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    [TUT] Change themes with Winterboard on jailbroken device

    Here's my method:

    1- Download and install Winterboard app from cydia.

    2- Download theme from other iPhone forums like this one MacThemes Forum / iOS Releases (until this section gets populated with new and original ones )

    3- Unzip if needed so you get a folder named "Something.theme"

    4- Connect iPhone with usb and navigate to /var/stash/Themes.Ap1T5l (I use freeware iPhone explorer iPhone Explorer - A USB iPhone browser for Mac and PC to browse from my Pc)

    5- Drag and drop your folder there.

    6- On your device press Winterboard, go to Select Themes and find the theme you just added, select it and drag it to the top of the list, making sure no other theme is selected then exit by pressing Home button.

    7- Device will respring and your new theme will appear

    Next you'll notice not all your apps are themed, it's normal since the creator of the theme has probably other apps so you have 2 possibilities:

    1- Look for the icon you need in the theme's thread ( usually requests or other members theming ) or

    2- Make your own using a template that is often provided in the theme (just look in the subfolders of the theme) or sometimes you can find in the Icons subfolder an icon for "iBlank" app, usually it's a blank icon that you can use as a template.

    In both cases make sure the icon you get or create is a png and is named exactly (case sensitive) like the unthemed icon label you want to change. You just drag and drop it in /var/stash/Themes.Ap1T5l/yourtheme/Icons and respring.

    If I missed a step or you have a better way please report and I'll be glad to update.

    Good luck
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    nice simple tut mate - well done

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