Hello Guys!
I know everyone is waiting for it! Finally it's here!

Things you need:
1. A jailbroken iDevice (iPod touch / iPad / iPhone).
2. iModGame

For iModGame:
Add cydia.imodgame.net Cydia repo of iModGame Service[/url] source in Cydia and download iModGame him.

Next steps here:
Step 1. Open iModGame and click "Clash of Clans" or "Temple Run" or "Crush candy" or "Minecraft", or any game you want to hack

Step 2. Buy and activate the hacks you want. Buying it will cost you 100 mod points, but worth it! See below to get mod points.

Step 3. You have the hacks now! Enjoy!
This mod costs 100 mod points.
To get mod points, follow these steps:
1. open iModGame
2. Go to Account
3. Scroll to "thank the host"
4. Fill in the ID: 169184
5. You will now have 50 mod points! To earn more, ask people to download iModGame and tell them to add your ID!

To Shock Clan:
Keep active option will prevent you from being attacked.
Search option allows you to search over 150k gold user (depends on your selection)