Hi! I'm still a noob in the iOS dev. but I have a doubt. Today I found a tweak that I've been looking for a long time, Touchpal Keyboard for iOS (swype style), a Cydia Tweak. It's in bigboss repository (the first one when you search for Touchpal, 10 mbs)
This tweak includes chinese variations and english, my language is Spanish and I would love to port to this tweak. In the AppStore I found another TouchPal app that includes a lot of languages, spanish also. But this one only works in the app itself cannot modify Apple's iOS keyboard. Do you know how to import the spanish language from the Appstore app to the Cydia tweak?

Thank you so much in advance.
The Bigboss Tweak link
Appstore Touchpal app

PS I can't put any link to the app/tweak because I'm a new user