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Thread: [Tutorial] Check 3GS old boot rom and Update to iOS 5 Untethered *OLD BOOT ROM ONLY*

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    Jul 2013
    when i'm FW 5.1.11 my base band is 05.16.02, i think BB 05.16.02 is make cell signal not working ( always searching ) but wifi, gps is working fine
    when i'm searching on google, someone recomended change ipad baseband but gps is not working
    now i'm in fw 6.1.3 my BB is 05.16.08, all are working fine now although now my phone run a little slow
    my question is :
    - can i downgrade again to 5.1.11 and
    - what BB work on 5.1.11 ?
    - can we change BB only ?
    thx b4

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    Aug 2011
    iPhone 4 & 3GS iOS 6.1.3 Old Boot fully untethered
    Very strange...... The official baseband for 5.1.1 is 05.16.05 and not unlockable with ultrasn0w you would have to upgrade to the ipad 06.15.00 to use ultrasn0w (well apart from models made after 2011 week 35 cannot use this baseband)

    05.16.02 is the baseband for 4.3.1 to 4.3.5 and is unlockable with ultrasn0w

    Now you say your on 6.1.3 with the latest baseband and your sim is working? maybe your phone is already unlocked to any network?

    did you just do a straight apple/itunes update to 6.1.3?
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    Jul 2013
    yes my iphone is Factory Unlock from begining
    i just do restore from itunes and got 6.1.3 with 05.16.08 BB

    * i just JB using snowbreeze and working now
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