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Thread: How do I Bypass Activation on iPhone 4s

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    How do I Bypass Activation on iPhone 4s

    I purchased this iphone from ebay as a as-is phone with a broken screen. I replaced the screen, charged the battery and plugged it to my PC. Its telling me I need to log in with the original user id. I contacted the guy I got it from and he said he doesn't have any such information. He just sells stuff he purchased from various pawn shops. So just in case, I checked the IMEI. Its clean. Just need to get past this log in information (activation screen)

    Its a 4s and I believe its 7.1.3. Also, its an old Verizon phone. So I'll just be using it for music, etc..

    Also, if this type of question has been answered before, please direct me. Thanks

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    may need to google and find a very trusted site that does this kinda thing and it pay cost you something

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