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Thread: Solar charger power bank ,you've got a try?

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    Sep 2013

    Solar charger power bank ,you've got a try?

    Do you ever give solar charger a go?I 've been tired of normal charging way ,so i am intended to start with a solar charger power bank for my iphone 4s ,more econimical, electric-saving and greener

    I've chosen a 10000mAh Solar Charger Power Bank, a big capacity ,but i don't know how long time it will take to full charging, have you ever got a try on it?
    10000mAh Solar Charger Power Bank for iPhone 4/4S Mobile Phone MBT-219280 - TinyDeal

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    Oct 2013
    really great tut sir very helpful

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    Nov 2013
    Hey Great Idea!
    By the way What about wirelss charging gadget for Iphones?
    I am using IQI mobile charger which is seamless and has been working great!

    Best Regrads,
    Warren Paul, The Phonesalesman Team

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