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Thread: Anker or Lumsing?

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    Anker or Lumsing?

    One is white, another is black. Their appearances are quite different. Nevertheless, they have very similar performance. Both 5600mAh, having one USB socket for output and one micro USB socket for recharging. Both have LED indicators. (Lumsing one is green light). Both DC 5Volt and 1Amp outputs. (one Amp output is not enough for 1.3Amp required most Samsung devices, will result a slow and long charging period) Either of them have wall plug for recharging the battery itself. Both have a pouch for carrying around. Even the length is the same 3.7 inches. Not too bulky, won’t be a bother to carry out all the day. None of them support waterproof. Also, none of them is tolerant to extreme high temperature.

    However, they still have couple slight disparities. Anker has a LED flashlight, so you can use it by press the power button for more than 2 seconds. Better than the screen of you smart phone. Lumsing has plug in and activate build, therefore you no need to press a button to turn on charging your device. Simply just plug it in. The button is only for checking remain juicy. Moreover, the price is a big difference. Anker is $29.99 and Lumsing is $21.99 on Amazon. It is 8$ price difference for similar functioning power bank.

    Overall, I will recommend the Lumsing one. They are both similar size and weight, but Lumsing hase 8$ price less.
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