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Thread: Can an IpadMini become a big apple Iphone!!!!

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    Can an IpadMini become a big apple Iphone!!!!

    Hi guys and girls...

    I'm a fan of Apple product and I fund my Iphone 3g very small to be a smart phone, almost 2 year from now, my Iphone make some freegame...ant it was at my birthday....the result: I buy a samsung tab p1000. With some help from pro on the xda-developers forum, I transform my tablet in a big phone!

    But Now, Apple have a similar tablet, and my andro´de freeze to much.

    My question...

    Can I transform a IpadMini to be a big Iphone 5 ???

    (Sorry for my poor english, but it's not my everyday language.....I assure you that I do my best!!!)

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    There are many apps you can use that will give you a phone number as well as minutes. But you'll need a wifi or data connection in order to use them
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