When using an iPad, I always want to make it defferent with others because it is a different stuff. iPad has changed our life styles but I want "go further". I need some extra power to make it done. Firstly I choose Apple smart case as my firsy protection for it, I love it so I give it more.
My first cost: Apple smart cover

When I put it on my bedside, I need some music to help me fall asleep. So I choose this sweet stand speaker, it is like a huge horn, not only provideing comfortable music, when I don't use it, it is not like a great desk decoration.
My iPad stand with horn speaker

Owning an iPad but not playing its games, that is a big waste. Though thousands of games in app store supports touch control, but I still miss the arcade game. This arcade joystick bring my childhood memory to my brain. I love it.
ATARI Arcade joystick

Have been uset to keyboard, sometimes I still need a extra keyboard for it. Bluetooth keyboard is a not bad choice. Thanks for that it can access to a keyboard so easily.
Bluetooth 3.0 wireless keyboard

When I will take iPad out, I always take a protection bag, one for protection, another because I love this style bag.
iPad anti-shock bag

That is my style, iPad has provide me such a amazing stuff for my researching. My life has changed much because of it. Really really really I like it!!