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Thread: How to check iPod Nano 6 is new or not?

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    How to check iPod Nano 6 is new or not?

    First of all, sorry about my English Grammar.

    I want to buy a new iPod Nano 6th Gen. How can I know it is completely new (cost $ 129) or Refurbished (Only $ 99)
    Please give me details.

    One more thing, is it true that I can see serial number of iPod Nano 6 without starting it? What will it show if my iPod is new (haven't been active)

    Please help me!

    P/S: the place I live don't have any Apple store or reseller

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    The seller should tell you, there's really no telling if new or referb otherwise.

    Can you not just buy one on the Apple site?
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    I'd say you can check the manufacturer's warranty on Apple's site but if they've refurbished it, the warranty has probably been reset.

    I'd say you're best Indicator will probably be the packaging. Again, never bought a refurbished Apple product, but most manufacturers won't include retail packaging on these products.

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    If you want it to be new, simply buy it from Apple or a third party reseller that marks it as brand new and NOT refurbished.

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    I dont know if there is any site that gives you the answer,maybe you can contact the apple store through mail.

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    it may have some manufacturing number which will tell you about the warranty period you should ask apple store about it and they will let you know the manufacturing date of your product.

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    If you want to new phone simply contact apple store...

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