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Thread: [PSA] Text crash bug.

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    Exclamation [PSA] Text crash bug.

    As you may or may not of heard of there is a bug that will cause a crash in versions of iOS before 7 and OS-X pre-mavericks.
    Sofar there is no fix for OSX yet, but there is a fix for iOS.

    Here is what you do to protect yourself from the bug.

    1) Download iFile
    2) Download this file:
    using Safari on your device.
    3) Tap the "Open in iFile" option at the top right or tap the "Open in..." option and tap on iFile
    4) iFile will open and give you a list of options. Tap on "Installer"
    5) A black screen with a log of what happened will appear. At the bottom of the log it should say "Finished with Result Code 0"
    6) Tap on "Done" at the top right and optionally delete the deb file

    EDIT: This patch is now avaiable on Cydia. If you do not already have it open up Cydia, let it update, and search for and install GlyphPatch. If you already have it update it.
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