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Thread: help: iphone 5 stuck in setup, no sim. how to unlock and activate?

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    help: iphone 5 stuck in setup, no sim. how to unlock and activate?

    i was asked by a friend to get his new-to-him iphone 5 working - get it ready for a prepaid service. my friend bought it off somebody(!). i know a little bit of going around android phones but this would be my very first iphone 'tinker'. so needless to say im a big noob. i did install itunes though.

    his iphone 5 is fairly new. he mentioned it used to be under at&t service and that his got the imei #, somehow. no sim card installed. and i think its current state is in factory reset. it says:
    - no sim card installed. insert a valid sim with no pin lock to activate iphone.

    now i try to set it up (english, us, wifi connect/itunes)... but that's all i can basically do with the phone. it says 'activation server temporarily unavailable' (might have something to do with not having a sim card installed ?). i did try to do the restore using itunes (took a few minutes) and i think it now has the newest iOS 6.1.

    i have very limited knowledge about iphone sim/carrier unlocking and jailbreaking that's why i figured i post here. hmmm from my very limited knowledge i think i might have some options. correct and guide me though if im wrong. :/

    1.) get a gophone (at&t). cut the sim to a nano sim size. and see if it works and go from there.
    2.) get the imei # number from my friend and avail of those online unlocking paid services. <- will this work given the current state of the phone? it wont even let me go to settings just the initial phone setup as i've mentioned.
    3.) will jailbreaking (software unlock) it work? if so, how? kindly post a link/guide (for iphone 5, iOS 6.1) that would work for this particular situation.

    thanks in advance! any help would be appreciated.
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