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Thread: Has anyone used app discovery apps for promotion?

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    Has anyone used app discovery apps for promotion?

    Hi, I'm a journalist working for the mobile marketing site MobyAffiliates - we mainly cover app monetisation and app promotion, as well as mobile advertising.

    I'm currently working on an article concerning app discovery apps (think AppGratis, FreeMyApps, DailyAppDeal etc). I'm already talking to the platforms, buit really need the opinions of any developers who have used them. Does anyone here have such experience? If so please email me christopher-at-paperthin-dot-co-dot-uk. I just want to ask a few quick Qs. If I can quote you in the article then of course we'll drop a link to your app or site. We get around 2k views per day, so it might help with your promotion efforts.

    Also if anyone just wants to discuss app discovery apps in general in this thread please do so - I'd really like to hear your opinions!

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    Yes, I have used it and it is to provide responsive and flexible administrative services creating value for clients and their employees. It is a consumer-focused organization blending people and technology to provide high-quality customer service and administration.

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