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Thread: Tips About How to Cut, Copy, and Paste on Your iPhone 4S

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    Tips About How to Cut, Copy, and Paste on Your iPhone 4S

    Hello there,
    1. Double-tap a word you want to copy to select it. Or select a larger block of text by dragging the blue grab points or handles.
    2. Tap Copy to copy the text; If you want to delete the selected word or block of text, tap Cut instead.
    3. Open the program you want to move the text to and when you decide where to insert the text you just copied, tap the cursor.
    4. Tap Paste to paste the text.
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    Thanks for providing such a useful information about how to Cut, Copy, and Paste on iPhone 4S. It is very helpful to me and also for who are using a iPhone 4s. Keep it up.
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    Thanks for sharing your tips. Really hopeful.

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