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Thread: needing help with 3gs screen replacement

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    needing help with 3gs screen replacement

    ok so i have a old 3gs sitting around that i got from some one awhile ago the back light would not work when i first got it which i thought it could of been the lcd but hopefully not the coil thing so i took it apart to look an as i was putting it back i had trouble with the lcd connector i think number 1 getting it back on an had to mess with it to get it back on finally when it all was together the screen wouldnt even turn on

    so what im asking is does it look like more then just the lcd /digitizer is bad i know the home button doesnt work eaither an the lcd was missing a few screws so someone else has messed with it

    thanks for any help i couldnt find a repair section so i posted here


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    I dont see any obvious damage to the cables/connecters. However, I do see that the top water damage sticker is red, which means the phone has had water damage at some point. 99% of the time, if the 3gs gets wet, and then the backlight stops working, it is, in fact, the coil.

    We've had probably 8-10 in our shop in the last few weeks that have all had bad coils, and ALL of them showed the top water damage sticker tripped. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

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