I am new to iOS courtesy of my employer. I've been assigned a Sprint 4S and I won an iPad 3 wi-fi at a conference raffle. Prior to iOS, I've been a webOS/Palm OS user since the days of The Exodus. Moses kept the commandments on my Pilot, not a stone tablet. Anyway, I am befuddled to see that neither of my devices can "see" each other on Bluetooth. The 4S supports PAN as well as the iPad, so what gives? I have to use my personal Droid X2 (hate it) to provide internet connectivity when I'm away from a hotspot (75% of the time) just to be able to send or receive emails, files, etc. The 4S and the iPad are both on 6.0.1 and there's no jailbreaking yet so I need alternatives. Can anybody give me some suggestions? I wish it were as simple as Linux command lines or Windows reg edits.