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Thread: Back up data and get back lost cell phone

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    Thumbs up Back up data and get back lost cell phone

    Today, cell phone is one of most recently thing you carry with you everywhere all day long. Itís not just for communication purpose but also help you store and manage so much information, with me, for example, they are my business partner contact, work schedules, every day to-do list, appointments, my wife birthday(^^)Ö

    Therefore, itís a disaster if my cell phone is lost or broken. But I found app for mobile, and now I can feel kind of release feeling. My precious information is automatically back up now and in case my cell phone is lost or stolen, Auto Answer and GPS location functions will help me to get it back anyway.

    Now, I am using iphone 4 and I want to move my data to iphone 5.
    How do I do? Thanks a lot about your help !

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    Did you back up ur device on iCloud? Since iCloud uses your apple ID, any phone you switch to will follow. This is good for contacts, photos, notes anything that you saved on back up will always return once you add your apple ID to the new device. So basically you don't lose nothing unless you make a new apple ID.

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