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Thread: Could do with some fast help please people.

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    Exclamation Could do with some fast help please people.

    Hi im Davie

    Been at this device for days with no luck what so ever , i must be missing something ??

    I have a iPhone 3g 8gig running ISO 4.2.1

    ActivationState: FactoryActivated

    ActivationInfo: ActivationInfoComplete = true

    ModelNumber: MB489

    BasebandVersion: 05.13.04

    BasebandBootloaderVersion: 6.2_M3S2

    ProductType: iPhone1,2

    ProductVersion: 4.2.1

    FirmwareVersion: iBoot-931.71.16

    BuildVersion: 8C148

    Device originally on 02 and still is ....

    I have jailbroken the device with :

    RedSn0w 0.9.15b3

    I unlocked the device with :

    UltraSn0w 1.2.7

    My problem is i have no service or searching , its as if UltraSn0w has done nothing at all ??

    Is there a fix for this ?? and is it the iPad baseband 06.15.00 ?? (i think my BB is ok though)

    Any help would be great and just so you know im so frustrated with this device i will try anything i can and don't care if it bricks , its doing my head in.

    There must be away to get this device to take a UK vodafone SIM


    Need more info on device just ask.

    Thanks in advance people.

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    Your baseband is wrong. See: BasebandVersion: 05.13.04
    You need iPad baseband ver. 06.15.00

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    If you install the iPad baseband, make sure you use a custom firmware.

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