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Thread: Insurance issue with iPhone 5 and broken screen.

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    Insurance issue with iPhone5 and broken screen.Possible to control phone from pc/mac?

    Dear iPhonedevs,

    A friend of mine just bought an iphone5 2 weeks ago and yesterday her phone slipped from her hands...
    As you can guess, the screen shattered and now she can't see anything on screen.
    She thought, ok no problem, I've go insurance and goes back to store. (This is an insurance that covers every type of damage, waterdamage, drop damage,... It's all in)
    And then the guys from the insurance company say "oh, but you need to use your phone for one month before you can claim it".
    So essentially, she is just fucked now... So I was thinking, is there a possibility to remote control the iphone from a computer/mac?
    I'm an android user from xda-devs but I popped in here quick just to check with you guys if someone could give me some advice here.
    The iphone doesn't have any jailbreak and sadly it's not linked to a car with bluetooth...
    So if someone could give me a tip on how to remotely control the iphone or somehow can get it linked up with bluetooth, that would be great.
    They are charging her 400 euro's for the repair which is crazy...
    The pincode shouldn't be an issue because you can disable it with another phone.

    Thanks for any help from me and from a sweet sad girl...

    Ninja edit: They say they can track the usage of your phone with the IMEI number.
    Ninja edit 2: We just thought of the fact that you can voice dial with Siri.
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    If its not jailbroken then I don't know what she can do. She can, however, call Apple and get help via them. They shouldn't have any issue replacing the phone if she has AppleCare+ and what she needs to do is have them send her a new phone and then place her old one in the box and ship it back to Apple. This way, she can try and bypass that whole "one month" thing. I've newer actually heard of any Apple Store saying that about a device needing to be used for a month. You may also want to have her check into that because that statement doesn't sound right.

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