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Thread: iphone app convert to android? Pls help

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    Oct 2012

    iphone app convert to android? Pls help

    Im from Australia. I had an Iphone app made overseas. The app looks excellent, problem is I was promised id get the same app converted to android as well.
    Could someone pls tell me how long converting a very basic app would take and if there is much work involved?
    Anyone from Australia want the job?

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    Hey fredyfittler
    When I have to build an app for multiple mobile platforms I prefer to develop it using HTML5 (as it supports cross platform).
    Converting a basic app does not takes a lot of time, there are multiple tools that converts codes of iOS app to android and so the task become much convenient for developers. It is not that simple but using the tool saves time of developers to make a complete app again.
    I am Daniel Jones, working in an iPhone Application Development Company as iPhone Apps Developer. I enjoys exploring apps on iOS, blackberry, android and other mobile platforms.

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    couldnt help,thank you

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