Hi there can any one help meeeeeee...

i have a view, in that i have got 3 images (like icon size images) i need to place them in a permanent position any ware a side in the view
and I want to be able to touch one of the images and move it to another position in the screen - but leaving in the original location the same image.(like we can say them these are source images)

So, let say i have red, yellow,green these are small i con size images at right hand side of view "let say these are source images", I touch the red icon image, move it to the middle of screen, and again i want to able to touch the red icon image from the source images and get it one more same image and place it in another place on the view, I then want to be able to touch the first one and move it again - so we could end up with multiple red icons on the screen.