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Thread: new to iphone please help

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    new to iphone please help

    So the wife really wants a iPhone, however my carrier is tmobile.
    I know i can use tmobile edge network to use with iphone and that, in theory tmobile is trying to upgrade their towers to support 4g/lte
    Is there a better iphone to use for tmobile? 3g,3gs, 4, 4s it seems there are different ways to unlock and setup network depending on build date and model so i thought i would ask what my best option would be.(she's not getting a iPhone 5)
    Also i need wifi calling as my service sucks in my house. I dont think iphone supports wifi calling but i saw there maybe a app for it?
    Can anyone help me out or point me to some usefull threads to check out.

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    iphone 4/4s
    Either iPhone works just depends which one you want to get her, as far as wifi calling there's no native wifi calling on the iPhone there's apps like textfree and text plus that support wifi calling but give you a different number then your number with tmobile. Unlocking wise you can factory unlock them all I do unlocking as well as a few other guys on here.
    Get your phone unlocked for the right price with no hassles.

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