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Thread: IPhone 4 front camera locks

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    Apr 2012

    IPhone 4 front camera locks

    When I attempt to use my front camera, it locks up the app and just hangs on the shutter screen.

    I know this is probably a hardware issue and I have found in several research attempts that a little chip on the board breaks off sometimes and you have to solder a jumper to bridge the gap.

    Now I'm trying to determine whether I need to do that or my actual camera or ribbon is faulty.

    How do I know if that piece is gone? There still is a very small rectangular raised chip type thing still on mine but is there supposed to be a glob of solder on top?

    Just trying to limit down this problem and I don't have a spare front facing camera to swap and test.

    Any help is appreciated.


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    I suggest you first refresh you phone. If still it now working then contact with near apple customer sport.

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