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Thread: How to Wirelessly Transfer Photos from iPhone to iPad

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    How to Wirelessly Transfer Photos from iPhone to iPad

    I have purchased an iPhone4 for a very long time. Recently, I received an iPad from my parents as a birthday present. I took a lot of photos with my iPhone, but I couldn’t sync them to my iPad with iTunes successfully. Maybe there is something wrong with my iTunes. I asked help for Google and many friends, however, nobody could recover my iTunes. So I gave up iTunes. A friend who is interested in iOS software recommended me an app called Wireless Transfer App. Then I downloaded it on the App Store. I have transferred all my photos from iPhone to iPad. On the other hand, I can install the same app on my iPhone and iPad at the same time, and there is no need to pay twice, so that I can transfer photos from iPad to iPhone as well. I cannot help but share my experience with others who feel troublesome with syncing photos between iPad and iPhone via iTunes.
    Step1. Download Wireless Transfer App from the App Store. Then install it on your iPhone and iPad individually.
    Step2. Connect your iPhone and iPad to the same Wi-Fi network.
    Step3. Launch the Wireless Transfer App on both iPhone and iPad.
    Step4. Touch the "Receive" button on your iPad. Then the device name of your iPhone will be detected.
    Step5. Select the iPhone. Then all the photos in photo library will be listed.
    Step6. Choose the photos. Then touch the "Download" button. The selected photos will be downloaded to the photo library on your iPad.
    At last, run the "Photos" app on your iPad to find all the photos downloaded from iPhone.
    Although there are seven steps, every step is quite simple to master. I sincerely recommend this iOS program to you.

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    Or you could just use iCloud and photostream...

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    There are two application which you use for transfer your videos and pictures on your gadgets.
    1- App Store - PhotoSync - wirelessly transfers your photos and videos
    2- App Store - WiFi Photo Transfer
    SocialCubix is the iPhone Application Development Company

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    How to transfer iphone photos/pictures to PC or Mac

    If you have a Mac
    1.Connect the iphone to your computer. iPhoto should automatically launch into its import window with your iphone’s images listed.
    2.Click Import All. If you want only some of your images imported, select the images you would like to import into iPhoto, then click the Import Selected button.
    3.When the photos finish importing, you will be presented with a dialog asking whether you'd like to delete the original photos from your Camera Roll. Click Delete Photos.

    If you have Windows XP PC
    1.Connect the iPhone to your computer. Windows should automatically open the Scanner and Camera Wizard. Click Next.
    2.Choose the photos you want to copy. Click Next.
    3.Use the default picture name and destination, or change these as you wish.
    4. Enable the option, "Delete pictures from my device after copying them".
    5.Click Next. The Wizard imports your images.
    6. Select what you want do with the images, or close the Wizard. Click Next.
    7. The Wizard tells you the number of images that it imported, with a link to access those images. Click Finish to close the Wizard.

    More info on how to transfer photos, read the following:
    How to transfer photos/pictures from iphone to pc

    How to transfer photos/pictures from iphone to Mac
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    thanks for the wonderful information

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    With iPad Magic, you can transfer photos, videos, music, books, etc. between iPad, iTunes and computer at ease. Moreover, it also enables you to convert audio and video files, rip CD and DVD discs, download online videos, make ringtones and more. Also, it works well on iOS 7 and iTunes 11.


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    I use iCloud.

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