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Thread: 4s Models Identifers

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    4s Models Identifers

    Ever wondered if the iPhone 4s you are about to buy is really "Factory unlocked", here's a list of Model Numbers:


    MC918LL/A - 16GB Black AT&T
    MC919LL/A - 32GB Black AT&T
    MD269LL/A - 64GB Black AT&T
    MC922LL/A iPhone 4S Black AT&T 16GB $199.00
    MC923LL/A iPhone 4S Black AT&T 32GB $299.00
    MD270LL/A iPhone 4S Black AT&T 64GB $399.00
    MC920LL/A - 16GB White AT&T
    MC921LL/A - 32GB White AT&T
    MD271LL/A - 64GB White AT&T
    MC924LL/A iPhone 4S White AT&T 16GB $199.00
    MC925LL/A iPhone 4S White AT&T 32GB $299.00

    MD377LL/A iPhone 4S Black Sprint 16GB $199.00
    MD379LL/A iPhone 4S Black Sprint 32GB $299.00
    MD381LL/A iPhone 4S Black Sprint 64GB $399.00
    MD378LL/A iPhone 4S White Sprint 16GB $199.00
    MD380LL/A iPhone 4S White Sprint 32GB $299.00
    MD382LL/A iPhone 4S White Sprint 64GB $399.00

    MD276LL/A iPhone 4S Black Verizon 16GB $199.00
    MD278LL/A iPhone 4S Black Verizon 32GB $299.00
    MD280LL/A iPhone 4S Black Verizon 64GB $399.00
    MD277LL/A iPhone 4S White Verizon 16GB $199.00
    MD279LL/A iPhone 4S White Verizon 32GB $299.00
    MD281LL/A iPhone 4S White Verizon 64GB $399.00


    Factory Unlocked

    MD234LL/A iPhone 4S Black GSM 16GB $649.00
    MD241LL/A iPhone 4S Black GSM 32GB $749.00
    MD257LL/A iPhone 4S Black GSM 64GB $849.00
    MD237LL/A iPhone 4S White GSM 16GB $649.00
    MD244LL/A iPhone 4S White GSM 32GB $749.00
    MD260LL/A iPhone 4S White GSM 64GB $849.00

    MD235B/A - 16GB Black
    MD242B/A - 32GB Black
    MD258B/A - 64GB Black

    MD239B/A - 16GB White
    MD245B/A - 32GB White
    MD261B/A - 64GB white

    MD234X/A - 16GB Black
    MD241X/A - 32GB Black
    MD257X/A - 64GB Black

    MD237X/A - 16GB White
    MD244X/A - 32GB White
    MD260X/A - 64GB white

    MD235F/A - 16GB Black
    MD242F/A - 32GB Black
    MD258F/A - 64GB Black

    MD239F/A - 16GB White
    MD245F/A - 32GB White
    MD261F/A - 64GB white

    MD234C/A - 16GB Black
    MD241C/A - 32GB Black
    MD257C/A - 64GB Black

    MD237C/A - 16GB White
    MD244C/A - 32GB White
    MD260C/A - 64GB white

    MD235IP/A - 16GB Black
    MD242IP/A - 32GB Black
    MD258IP/A - 64GB Black

    MD239IP/A - 16GB White
    MD245IP/A - 32GB White
    MD261IP/A - 64GB white

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    MC925LL/A iPhone 4S White AT&T 32GB $299.00 is factory unlocked

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    MC925LL/A iPhone 4S White AT&T 32GB is a unlocked model

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    Bonjour j'ai achetez le mien d'occasion a 300e es un iphones 4s MD234LL es ce que c'est une vrai version ?
    Aussi ITUNES ne le reconnais pas , je sais mettre une carte SD , Je n'arrive pas a mettre les mise a jours !
    Quelqu'un serais t'ils m'aider ? Certaine personne me disent que c'est une copie chinoise Que faire ?

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    Hi there.

    My iPhone is a "MD241C/A - 32GB Black" and its screen has some cracks, so I decided to change it.
    Therefore, I found this replacement one for the Model "A1387".

    I want to make sure that it's gonna fit as I heard that there might be some slight differences in the physical structure between the the different models.


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