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Thread: Hardcore Android user thinking of switching to iPhone

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    Hardcore Android user thinking of switching to iPhone

    The title should pretty much explain it. I've been a pretty hardcore Android user since the release of the Nexus One (January 2010). I've owned seven Android devices since then, phones and tablets, and every single one of them has been rooted and running custom ROMs, usually the latest version of CyanogenMod available for the device. I'm not a hacker, cracker or programmer, but I can follow directions really well and have done just about all there is to do on Android and I'm kind of bored. I did own an iPad for a short period of time(1st get) and I did enjoy it, but a tablet's not a phone and so I don't feel the usage of a tablet translates to how well I'd enjoy using an iPhone. I'm also one of those people who, even though I haven't own and iOS device since iOS 4, I can can and quite often do show others how to use the more advance features of their iPhone or iPad.

    I'm hoping that there is is someone else on here that was a similar kind of Android user and decided to switch to the iPhone. I did some searching, and I can find anything that's that recent or is by the same kind of hardcore user of Android that I was. Most of the stuff I find are from people who are regular users, who don't even know what a ROM is, or what rooting, recoveries, bootloaders, HBOOT, etc. are.

    With the release of iOS 8 and iPhone 6+, I'm hoping I can make the switch with few regrets. Is jailbreaking still a thing on iOS? What do you miss about Android? Any help on this subject would be most helpful.

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    I have been a long time android user and have but have recently switched to the iPhone 6+.
    I’ve have gone through the whole rooting, custom ROM, various launchers. I've had most flagship
    Android phones from Samsung, Nexus, LG and Sony. Recently tried Windows phone in the guise of a Nokia 930 (very fluid OS).
    Whilst I enjoyed many of the features that are available in Android, there was always something which took away from the
    overall experience, whether it be battery life, screen re-draws, screen lag etc. I am very sanguine and know that there is no perfect phone/os.
    Its all about compromise. It just feels like with the iPhone 6+ I am happier with the compromises because I’m enjoying
    overall experience alot.

    Hope this helps you decide

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    Hey. I am the same type of android user as you are. I have rooted and romed since my very first android the HTC G1 and no i didnt have it when it was released it just got me my start to the love of android. I have used the iPhone 3gs and 4S but a few things made me go back whether it be missing features or bad battery life. I recently bought a iPhone 6 like 3 or so weeks ago coming from a Samsung Note 3. I loved every second of it and didn't plan switching back.Then i started to miss more and more of the big screen so with owning the iphone 6 for a short time i bought the iphone 6+ used. i am really happy with my purchase and iOS. i do miss however being able to theme and root and rom but thats not enough for me to go back. far as jailbreaking goes, iOS is in 9.3 beta 3 so anything i read say they are waiting for the full release of iOS 9.3 before they release a JailBreak.

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