Guys, seriously. This isn't funny. It was cute at first, but now it is just pissing me off.

Stop posting about these things. They are illegal unless you own the device or have permission. They are not to be used to spy on your lover/spouse/wife/husband/whatever. Seriously, if you have to resort to using a spy app to check...well maybe it's time to grow the fuck up and talk to them, maybe even break it off.

Everyone else, if you suspect you have one of these awful apps on your device you are welcome to email me, post here, send me a private message, etc to get help in removing it.

Only discussion from here on out will be as a researcher would or to get help removing one.

tl;dr - Do not post about spyware apps unless you are doing legitimate research or need help removing it. All other posts will be removed and the user banned.