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Thread: Can i unlock iphone 3gs on new bootrom on ios 6.0.1 bb 05.13.04 with just ultrasn0w?

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    Can i unlock iphone 3gs on new bootrom on ios 6.0.1 bb 05.13.04 with just ultrasn0w?

    I have a iPhone 3gs that is on ios 5.1 and its tethered jailbreaked and unlocked with ultrasn0w on baseband 05.13.04. I wasnt on that baseband before but i installed ipad baseband and then downgraded to 05.13.04. I want to update to ios 6.0.1 cuz i have some problems that i want to be solved (safari not working, cant uninstall apps when tapping the x the phone freezes). I have checked which SHSH blobs i have and i have only for 4.1 and 6.0.1. I want to update to 6.0.1 and preserve the baseband with redsn0w so that i have 05.13.04 and then use ultrasn0w to unlock. However i dont know if it will work and i must be sure cuz there is no going back to 5.1 again, i dont have the SHSH. So will ultrasn0w (NOT ultrasn0w FIXER) work on iOS 6 so that i can unlock bb 05.13.04? if not then i have to then install ipad baseband and then update and preserve bb. The iPhone was manufactured in 50 week of 2010 so im safe from the most ipad baseband errors like no wifi/bluetooth.

    Will ultrasn0w (again I DON'T mean the ultrasn0w fixer) work on iOS 6.0.1 on baseband 05.13.04?
    Or is the anyway for me to downgrade to 05.13.01 by updating to ipad baseband and then downgrade to 05.13.01?
    Otherwise ill just update to ipad baseband 16.15.00 and install iOS 6.0.1 with redsn0w and preserve baseband. And then ill jailbreak and install redsn0w fixer.

    Edit: NVM i just restored and updated regularly through itunes and then i just happened to have 16.15.00 baseband so i immediately jailbreaked it and installed ultrasn0w and ultrasn0w fixer. now its 6.0.1 unlocked and everything is working but its tethered jailbreak
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