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Thread: Sprint iPhone 4 to MetroPCS?

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    Sprint iPhone 4 to MetroPCS?

    Hi, I am new to iPhone Developers, and this is my first post. I have been around XDA-Developers all over mainly with flashing. I have recently given up on my Samsung Epic, and switched to an iPhone 4, thank god. But I got it with a Bad ESN, got it for $50 and had to fix the screen that was it. ($40 fix if that). And now I am stuck with just a WiFi phone...

    I have seen all over that you can take a Verizon iPhone to Metro, but if you can take a Verizon iPhone, why can't you take a Sprint iPhone? They're both CDMA, and with being Jailbroken they are both identical, or can be essentially.

    I followed a guide on YouTube. If you search you can find it. Basically it said download this "Metro" PRL. Un-zip it in iFile. Then copy the file from your Documents, and move it to System/Library/Carrier Bundles/iPhone/Sprint_US.bundle ... But in other tutorials about Verizon I have seen them say it is supposed to go into .../.../.../Zeppelin_US.bundle not Sprint_US.bundle.

    Also I think this may be a key part. You are supposed to call *22804 to "Update Roaming Capabilities" but when I dial that it says that it can not be completed... And when I dial 611 or any other extension it says "Welcome To Sprint, The Now Network... (spanglish)"

    Any help is greatly appreciated, thank you.

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    There is a tool to flash Iphones, They charge $65 dollars. Go to cdma gurus forum.

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    Yes you need to use DFS if you wanna get the web working but no MMS fix yet for Sprint 4 only Verizon as of now.

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